Tara & Andrew Dobkins

      We are Tara Ashlee Photo & Design, a photo and design company serving the needs of businesses around Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.


Our company was started back in 2009, when my business Tara Ashlee Photography was born solely out of the need to put a name with my concert photography work that I had the amazing opportunity to do for BuzzMedia out of California. I was freshly 18 and was already shooting alongside old pros, and it was a crazy time!


Just as I was graduating high school, I knew I had to go to college for photography and I made a quick switch from a local college I was already set to attend, to the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. Over the next few years I grew my craft in photography and design by day, while meeting and photographing big name artists by night. I climbed the ladder a bit, and was the youngest concert photographer to photograph the music festival, Lollapalooza in 2010.


Early 2012, I met my now husband Andrew, fell in love, and quickly we became business partners as I started to photograph weddings while he DJed them. Prior to meeting, Andrew had been busy doing live sound production for numerous nationally known bands, and DJing weddings. During that time he also worked for a printing company and had received an Associate of Computer Electronic Engineering Technology degree in 2010.


I graduated at the end of 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and in 2013 we got married on Christmas Eve with a Nightmare Before Christmas themed wedding!


Over time, the focus, name, and even look of Tara Ashlee Photo & Design has changed, but together we continue to bring what we know, our passion for creating, and love for photography and design to every project.


In November of 2018, we welcomed our daughter Isabella, who has been our greatest adventure yet. Together, we love to travel, dance around the kitchen and watch Disney movies.