Tara Ashlee & Andrew Dobkins

"The personal connections we form

with each bride and groom, couple,

family or expecting parents are very special to us. Our aim is to give every client a unique and personalized experience. We want to capture

photos that will be

treasured for a lifetime.  "

      We are Tara Ashlee Photo & Design, a company created to serve the design needs of businesses all over the Midwest, located in Rolling Prairie, Indiana.


The company was started by Tara in 2009, when her business Tara Ashlee Photography was born solely out of the need to put a name with her photography work, that she was brought on to do for BuzzMedia out of California.


Tara was a concert photographer before she graduated high school, and over the next few years proudly photographed and met many big name artists. While attending the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago for photography, just before graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2012, Tara and Andrew met, fell in love, and quickly became business partners.


Prior to meeting, Andrew had been busy doing live sound production for numerous nationally know bands, and DJing weddings. During that time he also worked for a printing company and had received an Associate of Computer Electronic Engineering Technology degree in 2010 from ITT Tech College.


In 2013, Tara and Andrew not only were married, with a dreamy Nightmare Before Christmas themed wedding on Christmas Eve; but also decided that year to bring together their knowledge and love of photography, design, printing and business marketing and add it onto Tara's original business, to become Tara Ashlee Photography & Design.


Together, Tara & Andrew have combined what they know, their passion for making art, and love for photography and design.


Tara Ashlee, the wife, creative mind, and lead photographer behind the designs and photography works close with each client to find out what they're looking for.


Andrew, the head of everything marketing and sales, and second shooter for events, oversees all of the printing services offered, while also doing some graphic design.

- Tara, on portrait photography,

in Cancun
On November 7, 2018
we welcomed our daughter, Isabella Moon
On December 24, 2013
we said, "I Do"
Spent 2018,
preparing for baby girl